I specialize mainly in photography, but you can also find video and graphic design on my resume. I started my creative career, so to say, at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. My field of study, Lifestyle & Design, taught me a lot about photography, trends and graphic design and formed me into a well-rounded creator.

I did an internship at Eric Elenbaas Agency in Amsterdam, which is an agency for photographers, stylists, art directors and creative consultants. I learned a lot about graphic design there, updating the artists' portfolios and creating newsletters etc. I also got the chance to arrange entire productions, scout for locations and help out on set.

As staff photographer for deRotterdammert.nl I gained a lot of experience in portrait and documentary photography. I specialize in capturing different subcultures or small communities and extraordinary people. I'm fascinated with their background stories and I strive to make them visible through my photos.

Besides documentary photography I've done various commercial jobs like fashion photos and videos for Funkie House, a clothing store in Rotterdam and the Hague, product photography for labelstolove.nl and illustrating and designing birth announcement cards.

Interested in my resume? Feel free to contact me.